Technical data: Sharp MZ-700


Sharp MZ-700 is 8-bit home computer, which was in seriall production since the end of 1982 by the Japanese company Sharp. Graphics chip provided text mode with 40×25 characters with 8×8 pixel size of the built-in set of characters.

The computer was powered by the Zilog Z80 processor variant, which was produced under license agreement by Sharp and it was equipped with basic memory of 64KB RAM and 4KB VRAM.


The cheapest model MZ-711 with basic accessories only, did not have any external data storage so that it was necessary to connect an external tape recorder.


Next model in line MZ-721 had built-in recorder MZ-1T01, which could be purchased separately as well for the basic model.


Most extended available model was MZ-731 variant, which had a built-in plotter MZ-1P01, which was placed directly in the computer's expansion slot.


The computer was partially compatible with previous models MZ-80B and MZ-80K …

MZ-700Data sheet

These are the MZ-700's technical data in detail:

Year 1982
CPU Zilog Z80A at 3.5467 MHz
ROM 6KB, (4K monitor, 2K character generator)
Video modes
* 40×25 characters, 8/16 colours PCG 8×8
Sound Pulse tone generator present in 8253 chip. Inbuilt speaker with volume control.
Keyboard QWERTY typewriter keyboard with seperate cursor keys and function keys blocks. There are up to two additional graphics symbols assigned to each key.
Interfaces Expansion bus, printer, monitor (rgb), video, tv, cassette recorder (1200 baud), joystick (two ports, compatible to Atari), power connector for peripherals.
Mass storage * Cassette recorder MZ-1T01
Compatible to MZ-80 series.
Similar to MZ-1500 (black, integrated quickdisk drive, different graphical chip)
Size (w/h/d) 440x86x305 mm, 440x102x305 mm (MZ-731)
Weight 3.6 kg (MZ-711), 4.0 kg (MZ-721), 4.6 kg (MZ-731)