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Pages about SHARP
 SHARP MZ - Computing Museum - Biggest site with information related to SHARP MZ Series
 SHARP Users Club - Club in Great Britain (SUC)
 Zdeněk Adler - MZ-800 Emulator and various other informations
 SCAV - Pavel Brazda pages, Sharp Club Brno
 Old-Computers - MZ-800..MZ-1500
 Zock - 8-Bit Nirvana

Emulatores of SHARP
 Zdeněk Adler - Windows Emulator
 Takeshiho Maruyami - MZ-700 Emulator & Tapeload
 M. Koeppe - Linux Emulator
 UMZE - Java emulator
 MESS - Multi Emulator Super System
 JCEC - Japanese Computer Emulation Centre
 BOMI - MZ-800 Emulator
 ZOPHAR - MZx Emulatores

Files for SHARP
 FTP - Download
 BOMI - Few Files
 JCEC - Games 700

 Pandora - Mailserver
 EZBoard - Buy, sell
 Bonusweb - Emulators of SHARP, Flappy

Collectors & Museums
 Stefan - Collection
 HCMuseum - Other Museum
 KaZuhiro - FuRahata's game
 KEVAN - MZ-700
 MousePat - Images only